Coffee Review: Wandering Bear Boxed Coffee
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Coffee Review: Wandering Bear Boxed Coffee

I love iced coffee! Full stop. One thing I plan to do on this blog is review different kinds of cold brew/iced coffee that I try.

Wandering Bear Coffee totally got me with their re-marketing efforts on Instagram. I kept seeing their ads in my feed and eventually I decided to try a box. For 29.99 you get a 96 oz box (12x 8 oz glasses) that stays fresh in your fridge for up to 30 days once opened. That works out to about $2.50/glass, which is cheaper than a coffee shop but a little pricy for at home consumption, in my opinion. You can buy multiple boxes and get the cost down if you really wanted to.

Wandering Bear Boxed Cold Brew
Wandering Bear Boxed Cold Brew Packaging

I got the “straight black” but they offer flavors as well. This coffee is strong, but very smooth. It doesn’t have as much of a natural sweetness as some other cold brew’s I’ve tried, but I still liked it. The convenience of boxed coffee is kind of dangerous too. I found myself continuously topping off during the work day. They say a box should last you 2 weeks drinking one glass/day—I finished it in less than a week 😳.

Wandering Bear Boxed Cold Brew
Just like boxed wine, it’s best to squeeze very last drop out of the bag!

I’ll probably order it again, but I want to try a few other things in the meantime. This weekend I’m making a batch of iced toddy with a bag of Rising Star’s Apocalypto Blend.

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