Training Log: 05.21.2014

Today's metrics
Metric Number Goal
Sleep 7:26 8:00
Sleep Efficiency 97% >90%
Morning HRV 75 >80
Morning LF Range 1105-2310 ?
Morning HF Range 1150-1500 ?
Morning HR 61 bpm <60bpm
Calories 1785 1750
Carbs 224  197g
Protein 110  109g
Fat 63 58g
Fiber 45 38g
Water 128 120oz

Drugs/Supplements taken – Zirtec & clariton + 3x opti-man, 1000IU vitamin d, 181mg oil of oregano, 1G fish oil, 2G l-glutamine, pre-workout, grass-fed whey shake in almond milk, curcumin

Woke up feeling less sore than expected given yesterday evening’s workout. Shoulders are a little sore but not too bad.


15 pushups
15 squats
15 hip raises on railing
High knees
Butt kicks
Backwards run, turn and sprint
Sprint from ground

Run 5K (actually 3.35) > 27:53 pace 8:19/mi

Easy bike to and from park, 1 mi each way

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