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I just returned from a business trip to Vegas. I had full intent to do a normal workout every day. I even packed pre-measured zip lock bags with supplements  But it just didn’t happen as much as I thought.

Vegas, April 2013
Vegas, April 2013

When I arrived on Sunday I went for a run. It was awesome running in shorts for a change. Turns out I ended up in the Vegas gheto but had no issues. It was a good run however I felt a bit dehydrated. On Tuesday, I forked up $15 to use the hotel spa which had a gym. That was actually a “twilight special” as it’s normally $22 per use! Even with the limited equipment I got a good workout in. Aside from that, I did some hotel room exercises without equipment (crunches, pushups, squats etc.) on the other days.

The lack of sleep, bad nutrition and minimal exercise has taken a toll on me. I’m feeling a little sick now that I’m home. Ready to get back to normal in terms of fitness and nutrition! I do miss the warm weather tough…

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