Rest, a challenge

I’ve been having lower abdominal pains this past few weeks and my doctor told me to take it easy for a while. Although that sounds like a reasonable request, when you’re accustomed to training six days a week, it’s easier said than done. And at first I thought he meant to sit on the couch for a while, but he clarified that I can still workout, just at a lower intensity as long as it doesn’t irritate the problem.

As I’ve mentioned before, working out is like a drug. It’s something that becomes a (positive) addiction over time. A few years ago I had a minor surgery that completely kept me from training for a week. I watched way more daytime tv than I ever could have imagined and after about a day, all I wanted to do was get up and work up a sweat.

Last weekend I didn’t completely obey the doctors orders. The weather was so nice (see below), I couldn’t resist the urge to run outside. Normally on a Saturday I would do a brick workout (I.e run+bike) and I kept it to just running—so I sort of took it easy.

Maybe taking it easy for while will be a good body reset before “in-season” training. I’m finishing this post (which I started a week ago!) at the airport as I wait for a flight to Las Vegas to attend a trade show for work. Although I don’t plan to take a break from training, maybe some variation from my normal workouts will be good as well.

Edgewater Piers
Edgewater Piers

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