Bike to run pain

Now that spring is here, it’s time to start getting back into core triathlon training. The weather was awesome this past Saturday so I decided to do a bike-run brick workout, which I haven’t done in a while. The bike ride went great. I felt good and kept up a respectable speed. I finished up at home, changed into running shoes and headed to the park for a run.

The first mile went fine. I felt like I was going slow but at the one mile mark I realized I was going at a pretty good pace when the Runkeeper lady told me my pace. About a quarter mile later, that’s when it went downhill. All of a sudden I got a sharp and uncomfortable pain above my right knee (I looked it up after, the exact muscle was the vastus medialis, part of the quadriceps). It almost felt like it came out of place or something. I stopped and sat on a bench for a moment trying to work it out with my hands. I could feel a tightness in the muscle and an obvious difference from the left side. Eventually I got up and started walking around a bit. Still a little sore, I decided to cut the 5k run short and just run back to my bike.

After I got going, the pain was completely gone; until I climbed a big hill. The pain was back, only this time it was on both sides. I tried to keep going as I only had about a quarter mile to go but I couldn’t. I had to stop again and manually massage my legs. Eventually the pain went away and I finished. The rest of the day and even the next day (as I’m writing) just a slight soreness remains.

I’m not sure if I hurt myself or if my body just needs to be re-conditioned for that bike to run transition. I’ll work it out with a roller this evening on the couch and maybe use some KT tape. Hopefully the next time it won’t happen.

Roller & KT Tape
Roller & KT Tape

On another note, I have decided not to kick-off the tri season with three weeks dedicated to each sport (one sport per week) as I had previously planned. After thinking it over, I think it would be a bad idea as it would mean two weeks of not doing each sport. Instead, I’m going to gradually decrease strength training over the next month from 3-4 workouts per week to eventually 1-2 workouts per week and increase cardio (swim/bike/run).

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