March 2013 training update

As I write, I’m still in “winter training mode.” That is, a balance of strength + cardio. To be honest, I haven’t been running or cycling as much as I should. I’ve spent a lot of time in the gym this winter trying to build strength for the season. Hopefully it will pay off in speed once I get back into each sport.

Today I went to the gym and worked on chest+back for about 60 min, then swam for 30 min.

Practically had the gym to myself today
Practically had the gym to myself today

Still going to Masters swim once a week. It’s really paying off. My form is much improved which has helped speed. I feel like I’m actually swimming (almost) like a real swimmer now.

I plan to kick-off the race season by focusing on each sport (swim, bike, run) almost exclusively for a week each starting April 14. More details on that training plan to come, but generally I’ll pack each week with sport specific training + one strength workout per week for maintenance.

I’m also starting to really get sick of the cold weather. I can’t wait for summer to come. I’ll be in Vegas in a couple weeks for work and I’m looking forward to some warm-weather runs outside! This time of year it’s generally 70-80s, which is perfect.

I got a GoPro HERO3 Black Edition recently to start making some videos. Here’s one from my run yesterday at Edgewater Park. It’s a little shaky, so probably won’t be running with it much.

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