Review: GAIN Fitness Cross Trainer

Gain Fitness Cross Trainer is an iOS fitness app. You tell it what your goal is, where you are (home, gym or on the go), how much time you have and what you want to focus on. Within the settings, you also tell it what equipment you have access to so that it doesn’t suggest exercises involving equipment that you don’t. There’s also a setting for fitness level (beginner, novice, intermediate, advanced or expert) which also gets taken into account.

GAIN: Build new workout

Overall, I like the app a lot. It keeps things fresh, keeps you on-task and logs your progress. It comes with good database of exercises for free and expansion packs are available through in-app purchase. If you don’t know how to do a particular exercise, there is an animated photo + instructions. It also does a good job tracking your sets, reps & weight lifted. You can link it with RunKeeper’s Health Graph which puts your strength training data in the same place as your cardio fitness log. Here’s the brief workout I did at home today.

That said, I wish they would add an undo feature. I’ve often mistakenly checked off a set that I didn’t complete yet or forgot to input the weight. Along with that, the ability to modify the workout after you complete would be nice. One other annoyance using it today was that it lost the link with Runkeeper and changed my fitness level setting. I believe a recent app update is to blame.

The ability to input your max lifting weight for each exercise and then have suggestions for each set would be nice. Even better, it could just remember and calculate suggestions as you go. It would also be nice to not have to keep inputing your body weight for sets where “body weight” is indicated. It does ask you for your weight in your profile upon setup.

Another feature allows you to build a 4-week plan. I played with this today mainly just to see what it was and created one. Now I can’t figure out how to modify or cancel it (it’s going to bug me every Monday/Wednesday now!). So again, just a little more control over things would be nice. That said, it’s good for someone who needs a little push to get going.

Overall, it’s a good app and I’d recommend it to someone looking for workout suggestions at any level. It could be a great app with a few improvements.

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