My vision for Google Glass #ifihadglass | Heads up fitness display

Google Glass, Google
Google Glass, Google

Google Glass is an augmented reality head-mounted display that is like a virtual assistant which is always on, always available and always right in front of your eye. Say take a video, it does it. Ask it a question, it displays the answer. It will even answer questions without even asking (i.e. tell you your flight status as you are walking through the airport). Google is inviting 8000 “explorers” to be the first to get it through Project Glass. In order to participate, applicants had to show how they would use Glass. Here is my 50 word concept.

#ifihadglass, I’d use it as a heads up display for fitness data collected from connected sensors. Being able to readily see this data would help adjust training intensity on the fly. If it was waterproof, it could even count laps swimming. It would also help gather photos for my blog.

I also think it would be great to integrate with social networks. Imagine your friends cheering you on as they watch your run in real time on a map. Getting the data from sensors to the device isn’t all that complicated. Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy (BLE) sensors already exist through companies like Wahoo Fitness. It would just be a matter of working with various APIs. The biggest stretch in my conceptual video is the swimming part. I’m pretty sure Glass isn’t waterproof, but perhaps they can consider it for future development. It would also mean that Glass would somehow attach to goggles.

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