Winter training

Training in Northeast Ohio in the winter can be all over the place. Of course, there’s always the option of indoor training, but outside is always preferred. Last Saturday we had a 60 degree day and I actually got to run outside—IN SHORTS! Not only that, but I wasn’t slipping & sliding on the snow. I actually had traction and a respectable time. I’ve realized that my running times in the cold (and especially) wet winter aren’t nearly as good as they are in the summer. Perhaps its because I’m not as in shape, or maybe I’m just not built for cold weather. I’m still not biking outside (don’t want to mess up my pretty bike!), so the trainer is getting used…at least as much as I can tolerate it.

January 2013 in Shorts
January 2013 Not Shorts
January 2013 Not Shorts


Of course, there’s always the gym, which I’ve been utilizing a lot in the past couple weeks. I’ll typically do a strength workout then swim & rest in the hot tub. As I’m getting older, I’m realizing I also get more soreness from training. I guess it’s just somthing to learn to deal with.

Swimming update

I’ve now gone to Masters Swimming practice four times. Although I’m still in one of the slower lanes, I’m improving. I’ve been concentrating on my upper body form and it’s helping. Part of it is taking the feedback I get at practice and applying it to my solo training. Just today I did a random time trial on my own and I cut around 12 seconds off my 100y free time!

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